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Who We Are

Mission Statement

The 11th Hour Response Team is a non-profit that exists to bridge the gap between compassionate hearts and those in need of helping hands. We work with local ministries to assist individuals and families.


The 11th Hour Evangelistic Association was founded by the late David LaGrow in 1973. Originally founded to help and minister to everyone, no matter who they were. Today we are expanding the outreach ministry in his honor.


We believe that there’s power in communities and people helping others in time of need. Showing through our kindness and compassionate services that there are good people willing to help.

conception / birth

Naathan Hinton has been helping those who have asked for help throughout his life. He has always enjoyed seeing the smiles and the positive impact of helping people. He has overcome some of life's difficulties such as being homeless and his sons and himself suffering from domestic abuse. Now he is partnering with volunteers to reach out to help others full-time.

who we serve

The 11th Hour Response Team serves a variety of individuals and families, local nonprofits, local schools and government agencies. Our priority in service is to seniors, veterans, victims, single parents, disabled, homeless, low income families, and to provide disaster relief. We also plan on serving pregnancy centers, emergency support shelters, and head start, just to name a few.Our Services include but are not limited to:Moving and Relocating. Donation pickup and delivery. transport of light cars and trucks, trailers, 5th wheels and goosenecks. Handyman services include light bulb changing, furniture and box moving, winterizing/dewinterizing, wood stacking, clean up, house maintenance and repairs. Emergency relief; fire and flood help. Tractor work; mowing and tilling.